Pediatric Surgery was developed in America in early twentieth century. Dr. William E. Ladd (1880-1967), a general surgeon and Gynecologist, devoted himself completely for the treatment of surgically ill children after observing the extreme sufferings and lack of treatment facilities of thousands of crippled and burnt children in a major ship accident at Halifax Harbor on 6th December, 1917. After that he worked hard to establish Pediatric Surgery as a separate discipline by recruiting fresh resident physicians in Boston Children's Hospital of Harvard Medical School. He was able to prove the importance of trained pediatric surgeons for children; because the development, growth and structure of children are different from adults. Later on, Pediatric Surgery was developed as a separate specialized unit in Europe and Asia. In India and Pakistan, Pediatric Surgery started its journey from late sixties.


Now, let us focus on the evolutionary perspective of Pediatric Surgery in Bangladesh. Pediatric Surgery today is an established discipline and progressing fast to claim its due share in the health care field of Bangladesh. It required the effort of many devoted persons, many devoted hours, working with a singular motion-establishment of pediatric surgical services in Bangladesh.

It is not far back in time when the endeavor began. Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital (DSH) was established in 1973 with a view to develop a comprehensive health care system for the Pediatric population of a war torn country with the active initiative of Prof. Sultan Ahmed & Prof. Tofayel Ahmrd. (Prof. Sultan Ahmed received Bangladesh Medical Association Gold Medal by Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2000). The medical department of this hospital under the direction of our National Professor M. R. Khan flourished rapidly. A necessity for a surgical wing was soon felt by him. Initiatives were taken as soon as possible.

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